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What She Said (2017) Full-length, solo, studio album #10, released on the 20th anniversary of album #1. 8 new Fred Gillen Jr original songs, and 4 co-writes with Abbie Gardner, Steve Kirkman, and Matt Turk. A blurring of the perceived lines between the political and personal. The first album to really highlight Gillen's electric guitar style.

Wage Love (2015) The ninth full-length, studio, Fred Gillen Jr album. Featuring Walking Down That Freedom Highway, Killing Machine, and nine other songs. "Reaching back to those first definitive union anthems, Wage Love bridges the generations and eras of our shared culture to find profound truths both new and old in the quietness of poverty — either fiscal or philosophical." -Rust Magazine.

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Pete Seeger: Pete Remembers Woody (2012) Fred's version of Woody Guthrie's "I Ain't Got No Home" is included on this two CD set, a collection of Pete Seeger's spoken-word stories about Woody Guthrie, interspersed with various artists' versions of Woody's songs. This collection was produced by David Bernz, producer of "Pete at 89," and released to coincide with Woody Guthrie's 100th birthday.

Silence Of The Night (2012) The 8th full-length, studio Fred Gillen Jr album. A sprawling record which covers a lot of genre territory, from folk to rock to Americana to even a little bit of funk. Features This Old Car, which was heard on NPR's Car Talk, Silence of The Night, This Town Is Our Song (as a duet with Carolann Solebello,) one instrumental, one spoken-word piece, and eleven other songs.

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Backwoods Jupiter Presents Bob Dylan's Desire (2011) A group of 12 Hudson Valley musicians got together and formed this band really as a tribute to the Rolling Thunder Review. Fred sings Isis, Joey, and Mozambique and plays electric guitar, washboard, conga, and bass.

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Live In The Heartland Of America (2011)
Recorded by Bryce Taylor at a house concert in Muncie, Indiana on Saturday, April 24, 2010 on Fred's first New Moon Midwest Tour with Catherine Miles. Features 8 Fred Gillen Jr songs, some funny stories, and covers of songs by Hope Machine, Abbie Gardner, Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan, Elizabeth Cotten, and June Carter Cash. This CD really puts the listener in the room for an inspiring night in Bryce and Caroline's living room.

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Match Against A New Moon (2010)
Nine new original songs, one re-write, and finally a version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. With drummer Eric Puente and guest singers Catherine Miles, Abbie Gardner, and Laurie MacAllister. "Like the phase of the lunar orb it references, Match Against A New Moon assures us that the day side we see sans light is temporary in the ongoing transit of our lives." -Catherine Michaels, WHUD 100.7FM, Hudson Valley, NY

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Big Green Hope Machine (2009)
The follow-up to "March." Featuring the audience favorites Sing Sing Sing and Folksinger. "Through the entire set of songs, a wide variety of folk styles is employed, making Big Green a smorgasbord of modes and delights. Hope Machine is going far to preserve the past while singing to the present?and hopefully the future." -Mark S. Tucker, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

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Gillen & Turk "Backs To The Wall" (2008)
The debut from the duo Gillen & Turk. Features 3 new Gillen songs, one spoken-word piece, and some new versions of older songs, along with some Turk songs. "unvarnished social commentary with folkified hoot-and-holler melodies" -Sing Out! "Backs to the Wall is a strong, confident work of folkish-rootsy rock with political and social consciousness." -Mac MacDonald, Monterey County Herald

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Coney Island (2008)
Produced by Koji Mabuchi Nine "audience favorite" songs, including Devil's Bluff, Witness, Elliott, and Censor The Wind, produced with drum loops, samples, beats, and sequencing.

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Gone Gone Gone (2006)
First full-length CD since 2001. I actually recorded this CD, threw it out, and recorded it again. I hope to never take so long with a record again, but I'm glad I did...

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Hope Machine "March" (2006)
After over two years of various forms of Hope Machine performing shows, first as a Woody Guthrie tribute, then as a loose, wide-open, in-the-moment happening, we finally recorded 10 songs. 10 songs for peace and justice... Fred Gillen Jr., Steve Kirkman, and Steve Chizmadia with special guests Laurie McAllister and Abbie Gardner from the band Red Molly.

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Steal This Compilation (Various Artists, 2005)
This is the second chicken coop compilation, featuring a new version of my song "Censor The Wind," which first appeared on the CD Grace in solo-acoustic form. I love this hip-hop, drum-loop version of "Censor The Wind." There are some new artists here, as well as some of the people from the "Standing Room" compilation.

We The People (2004)
This is an e.p. I made quickly to release before the presidential election. It features "Killing Machine" and "We The People" plus three other social-‌commentary songs, one love song, and one spoken-word piece. I recorded some of it live-‌in-‌the-‌studio with my friend Chris Black playing guitar and singing, and some solo. I also had a great guitarist Mark Barden come in for one song, "Blue Collar."

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Standing Room (Various artists, 2004)
The first of two Chicken Coop Records Compilations I have songs on. My song "Coffee, Cocain, Bed" is on this, and I recorded Chris Black doing a song of his called "War Of The Worlds" for this at my studio. It features fourteen artists of various genres from northern Westchester. Koji Mabuchi, the producer of this calls my song CCB an "evil road song."

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Tumbleweed Mile (2003)
I was in this band with Chris Merola from Rain Deputies in 2000 & 2001, and the 8 songs I played on were recorded in 2001, at my studio and Chris's apartment in Tarrytown. Chris sings lead on and wrote the 10 songs, and they pick up where the Rain Deputies left off...

to listen/ get a copy: Tumbleweed Mile

Grace (2001)
Ten songs, live-in-the-studio, solo-acoustic. The cover art by Linda Jean Fisher was criticized by many because the front cover doesn't even have my name on it, but I think it is beautiful... This CD received my favorite review I've ever gotten. Here's an excerpt: "The slow infiltration of evil in the world. Alcoholism and drug addiction. He holds everything up and exposes it to the light. It's a hard truth, but I just want to keep listening. There's a vulnerability in his voice and a refusal to step down in the face of fear. I keep thinking of Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie. After a while, I get the feeling of hope that always emerges when the ugly truth is stared down." -Jennifer Layton, Indie Music.com

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Nervous Laughter (2000)
The third full-length CD... I played all of the instruments on this one myself. I had just read a book about the making of Sgt. Peppers and wanted to see if I could do everything myself on 8-tracks. Plus I was in a lonely time in my life... the CD has some happy moments anyway, and is kind of all over the map...which is understandable with 16 songs... Emotionally- charged singer/ songwriter material with deep resonating guitar. This meaty offering from Fred pokes at some raw soul sores, questions life and love, and screams in rage. 'Plane Shot Down In A War' is the high point." - Allan Foster, Songwriters' Monthly

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Tales Of The Misplaced (1998)
Most of the songs on this one were written in a block after my first year on the road, and after reading "Bound For Glory" by Woody Guthrie. "New York singer/ songwriter Fred Gillen Jr. may have east coast origins, but his style and intensity reflect a down home sensibility. Gillen's current release, 'Tales Of The Misplaced,' offers passionate, issues-oriented selections, the type of material seldom heard on commercial radio; his guitar work mixes bluesy refrains and arresting licks." -- Ron Wynne, Nashville Scene

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Intentions As Big As The Sky (1997)
The first solo CD release. Recorded by my friend Jake Hess in his grandmother's basement with a 20-bit, digital 8-track machine, so it was also lo-fi. "Don't expect the hands-off, antiseptic quality of a big, slick, 68-track studio album. This CD has an earthy, straw-like smell for your ears. It has the grazing touch of a brick wall against the back of your hand. It has very ball-point- pen-on-blue-lined- paper written lyrics. It's honest and quirky." -- Craig Gilbert, New Haven Advocate

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A Mind Is A Terrible Thing, Chris Black & The Dirty Folk Revolution (1997)
On about half of the songs on the record, and on the road, I was the band here for a while. Chris heard my CD "Intentions" and said "I want to do that." so I loaned him my four-track cassette recordedr and he laid some stuff down, but most of this CD ended up being recorded in my living room in my basement in Verplanck, and I toured with him some, playing trash percussion and guitar. Black's music is dark, angry, and brooding yet melodic and full of energy. His subject matter is manic-depression, alcoholism, God, love and missed or broken connections.

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Blame It On My Dead Brother (1995)
cassette only, out of print
My first full-length, solo recording. I sold this home-recorded tape at coffeehouse shows for a while. I made it with a 1/2 inch tape machine... "The recording isn't exactly high-tech, but it's good enough and Gillen's songs are memorable. Highlights are the oddball, rap-like 'Impermanence,' the haunting, folk- tinged title cut and the sparse ''A Million Holes' -Mick Skidmore, Relix Magazine

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