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How has this Pandemic effected you? We are all traumatized to some degree. As I acknowledge my own privilege- I have a good home and plenty of food and the person I love to quarantine with- I realize I need to also recognize the trauma. I watched my father-in-law die of Covid on FaceTime. I was not allowed to visit my own disabled and deteriorating father for months at a time. I was rendered mostly unemployed, but thanks to PUA I got some help with that. In the midst of it all I moved, which was actually a responsible choice but still a big change. In the scheme of things I have had it easy but it is still a lot to handle. I have also experienced great acts of kindness in the past year. I am always trying to put compassion out in the world, and I hope my failure at this keeps me humble. I am reminded every day that we are all in this together. Wage love!

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Woody's House recording studio is no more. Beginning with Pete Seeger and ending with Rich O'Hanley with hundreds of artists in between, it was a big part of the Lower Hudson Valley music scene. My new studio, "Esperanza Recording Studio," is now ready for action. I hope to pick up where I left off, producing great music for a variety of clients at a reasonable price. I think the new space is just as welcoming. The gear looks nice up here and I hope to pick up a few new things as well. (Well- pretty likely a few OLD things."

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

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