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The Greenheart is back from Nepal. We played some concerts, painted some murals, and helped encourage and empower school kids in their efforts to tie the trash before the trash ties them. It was exciting to be in a new democracy and the people in Nepal overall are grateful, humble, beautiful, generous and warm. They shared their culture, food, music, smiles, and thoughts freely with us, and we tried to do the same. We are going back whether we raise more money or not, but we could really use your help, if you'd like to be a part of the journey. Tie the trash before the trash ties you. Help the kids build a clean, green Nepal. Their beautiful country deserves it! If you want to hear the music of The Greenheart, click on "discography."

WHAT SHE SAID has gotten a ton of radio play. I appreciate that. I think the album really reflects what is happening here in the USA. It also sounds great. You can also find that on the "discography" page. The "discography" page is really why I'm here...

Thanks for listening, downloading, streaming, buying CDs, stealing CD's, iTunes-ing music, Spotifying, telling your friends,showing up at weird little venues, and making the Hudson Valley the greatest music scene since Seattle in 1990.

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

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