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Hi folks. I'm basically out of paying work. I'm writing songs and practicing and have a tiny bit of independent studio work where I don't see the client, but I won't have much financial income for a while. You may be in the same situation. I've got some savings. You might not have savings. If you are still getting a paycheck, please consider helping out someone who isn't. It might be a bartender, waiter, a tattoo artist, or a musician, or anyone else who is unable to work and/or get paid right now. Email me if you want contact info for some musicians who have it worse than I do, who maybe you could help. I think the people in refugee camps will probably suffer most from this pandemic, along with people in prisons and new immigrants, but many people will have a hard time. is a good organization, and there are plenty of local ways to help... We can't touch each other but we can touch each other's lives...

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Saturday, March 21st, 2020

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