Fred Gillen Jr.

Hi folks! The Greenheart has gone to Nepal four times and India once since November of 2017. The project has run its course and we planted some seeds. It was an amazing experience.

There's a new Fred Gillen Jr album, called "If I Woke Up This Morning and Died." The fully-produced/ band version is available on CD or download, plus Spotify, iTunes, etc... There's also a solo-acoustic version I recorded one day, sitting in front of an old Neumann M-49 microphone from the Columbia/ CBS 30th Street Studios. That one is available only as a download on Bandcamp. (It is the version with the black & white cover.) Thanks for listening! There are a bunch of new things on this website, which you'll see if you poke around. Take it easy but take it.

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

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