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For a bunch of years I played several monthly residencies in Westchester County. These residencies insured that every month I started the month with some gigs in the calendar. They also inspired me to constantly develop new material. I'm happy to report that the folks at one of my favorite local venues up here in my new home, Roe Jan Brewing in Hillsdale, have agreed to host me for a monthly residency beginning in May. First Sunday afternoon of the month May to September, outdoors weather-permitting. Come ride or walk the rail trail or go to Bash Bish Falls, and come have some nice lunch and hear some music. It is a lovely place with a friendly staff and really good food (and of course award-winning beer.)

The debut ep of the band The Trike is being released March 1. You can get it in advance as a download here:

The entire "Fred Gillen Jr catalog" is available on Band Camp. Just click on "Fred Gillen Jr Store" to the left, or go here:


Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023

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