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Hi folks! I finally released my e.p. of instrumental music "Kaaterskill" on Band Camp. I wrote and recorded these songs when I first moved to Athens, NY, in early 2021. I was building my current Esperanza Studio in an out-building at our house, and while I worked on that I set up a portable recording rig in our guest bedroom with two $20 Karma K-micro mics and recorded the album. I'm overwhelmed by how many people listened to it and even bought it the first week. If you'd like to join them, go here:

I'm slowed down for the winter, working on writing and recording new songs. All of my music up until now is available on Band Camp. Some of it is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc... See links below. Thanks for listening! I'm also playing bass in a new band called "The Less Traveled." More to come...

The debut e.p. of the band The Trike is available now. I'm the lead singer/ electric guitarist/ co-writer. You can get the e.p. as a download or CD here:

The entire "Fred Gillen Jr catalog" is available on Band Camp. Just click on "Fred Gillen Jr Store" to the left, or go here:

Have I mentioned Band Camp. I hope they don;t change too much!


Friday, February 2nd, 2024

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