Fred Gillen Jr.

The new Fred Gillen Jr album "Canyon of Light" is done and will be available soon. I'm still making albums and I still love the album format. It'll be available in limited quantities on CD, or for stream or download at Band Camp, here It may or may not eventually be on the big streaming services like Spotify. I'm not sure yet.

The debut e.p. of the band The Trike is also available now. I'm the lead singer/ electric guitarist/ co-writer. You can get the e.p. as a download or CD here:

The entire "Fred Gillen Jr catalog" is available on Band Camp. Just click on "Fred Gillen Jr Store" to the left, or go here:

Have I mentioned Band Camp. I hope they don't change too much! Get the app on your phone if that's how you listen to music. There's a lot of great, independent music there!


Friday, May 31st, 2024

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