Fred Gillen Jr.


The Robins Returned

after the bombing was over
the robins returned
they flitted and floated around in the rubble
just looking for the bravest worms
looking for the bravest worms

that cafe over there is the place where we sat
the night when we fell in love
now its all gone and all that is there
is whatever we choose to remember

after the flood we stood
surveying the ruins
chairs and pianos, cars and appliances
littered the dunes
littered the dunes

we used to walk in the surf hand in hand
our hair intertwined in the afternoon breeze
for hours wed talk or sing as we walked
or just listen to the sound of the sea

after the plague was cured
we all met in the square
we lit a bonfire and danced all together
and no one was angry or scared
no one was angry or scared

at the end of the night, after wed cried
and it was just you and me
I took off my mask and we sat and we laughed
as long as youre here Im free

Posted Friday, August 28th 2020



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