Fred Gillen Jr.



Look down at your feet and see the ground where you are standing
everywhere is sacred in this land
the road that you are walking doesn’t have any beginning
it is never-ending in this land
The rhythm of your steps tries to call to you

High above cell towers and the periwinkle flowers
squeezing through the cracks across the tracks
I hear faint and beautiful above the roar of rubber
through the ghost exhaust there is a song
a song once sung cannot be unsung

Put your ear down, hear the echo
remember fleeting voices that you heard as a child

Stubborn and defiant you once walked with your head high
every step you took was multiplied
you have learned to tip-toe when you even walk at all
making little echo now you’re so quiet

but a song once sung cannot be unsung
Listen to the murmur of your echo
Listen to the song that you once sung
Listen to the calling of your rhythm
Listen to the fleeting sound of freedom

Posted Sunday, March 2nd 2008


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