Fred Gillen Jr.


America The Beautiful (Four new verses)

Oh President and judges with
our constitution scammed
oh politicians bought and sold
with our lives in your hands
America, America, once honorable and free
now corporations squeeze you dry
and jobs move overseas

our factories once rang with sounds
of progress and of pride
now empty streets of downtowns rot
as people run and hide
our young men go to war and jail
as CEO's still thrive
and TV sets blare lies and threats
to keep us terrified

Republicrats and Demicans
from TV screens they stare
as people die and children starve
they worry about their hair
we go to vote for naught it seems
things never seem to change
the billion campaign dollars spent
go to dig human graves

oh beautiful for spacious skies
though man may your blue stain
when we are gone, you'll still shine on
your beauty will remain
America, America
maybe we will survive
to crown our good with brotherhood
in love and peace to thrive

Posted Wednesday, June 6th 2007


Cost Of Freedom

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