Fred Gillen Jr.



I feel giddy as a school boy in the spring
Whenever you walk by I can hear a million bells ring
My head feels like an orchestra
I canít believe you canít hear that sound

How could I have been asleep for so long?
Twenty-odd years Iíve been gone, gone, gone
Now Iím watching the road and trying to hear the radio
over my own voice, the din is deafening
but I donít care if I go deaf because Iím free

Please take my hand, Iím yours to lead
Lead me down a dark alley, Iíll feel my way if I canít see
Iíve been hiding in the dark and you are the light brightly shining

How could I have been asleep for so long?
Twenty-odd years Iíve been gone, gone, gone
Now Iím listening to the road,
staring at the station numbers
the dashboard light is blinding
But I donít care if I go blind because Iím free

If this is a dream then let it come to its conclusion
donít even wake me if they start the revolution
And if I starve before I wake
Donít worry, give my bones a shake
If I was mad I must be sane
If I was sane I must be crazy

A cop pulled me over-he said I was going too damn fast
So I kissed him softly and he locked me up and threw away the key
Now everyone in this jailhouse is singing

Instead of playing cards and staring at the walls
We stay up all night and raise our voices through the halls
Weíre singing along
Trying not to bust up laughing
Even the warden seems to have perfect pitch
I donít care if they take me down to death row to execute me
Iím Free, weíre free

Posted Wednesday, October 13th 2004


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