Fred Gillen Jr.


Memory of the Moment

Its the memory of the moment that the liquor hits your brain
that makes you want to drink it again
Though you know its gonna make you sick every time
you can't get this feeling off your mind

Its the moment that she walks you through her door
and makes it clear tonight she wants MORE
though you know you're making an old mistake again
you're gonna go ahead and step right in
You're gonna slip it in

But I'm calling out to you
I'm offering another door for you to step through
no one else can hear except for me and you
and I'm listening. I hope you're listening

The ninety thousandth time I stuck a needle in my vein
was the ninety thousandth time I swore I'd never do it again
As I lay awake that night staring into nowhere
I reallized up was the only way from there
Up is the only way from here

If you're scared just take a look at this nut with a guitar
singing of his sins and opening his scars
packing all his cares into a battered old car and just driving
Just driving, and driving
and going nowhere

And sometimes I get tired of singing these same songs
sometimes after all this time they still sound wrong
you'd think that I could get it right and finally move on
so I keep trying and trying and trying
but still I fail

Posted Friday, December 14th 2001



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