Fred Gillen Jr.


Cancer Ward

Just when I think that I've got it so bad
you call me from the hospital for a ride.
When I don't see you waiting by the front entrance
its clear I'm gonna have to go inside
Down gleaming corridors full of desperate faces
past tired doctors with bags under their eyes
fighting in vain with all of their skill and knowledge
trying to save a couple of lives

Then I recognize you with your shining, white scalp
wearing a wig just ain't your style
somehow you don't fit in with my image of this place
mostly 'cause you wear a careless smile
Cancer ward, where almost everybody dies
where doctors learn to tell loving little lies
and where in dying people learn to be alive
where they try to save a couple of lives

I talked to children who were not afraid to die
we even talked about their friends who already had died
I saw oncologists drinking themselves sick
'cause they couldn't save a couple of lives.

Now that you're gone I think I finally understand
why it is that people have to die
I look my pain in the eye and try to be gratefull
that I've got one more day to be alive

Posted Monday, February 25th 2002



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