Fred Gillen Jr.


Martyrs Of The Native Nations

Will The Circle Be Unbroken
By and by Lord, by and by
there's a better world a-waiting
in the sky Lord, in the sky

We've got Custer and Woodrow Wilson
their names are carved in our school walls
but where is Big Foot, where is Chief Joseph
their names aren't mentioned in those halls

Will the circle be unbroken
by and by Lord, by and by
Martyrs of the native nations
don't make history when they die

From Carolina to Oklahoma
my people walked the trail of tears
but in my high school and my church pulpit
their story not once did I hear

Now we've got redskins, Redmen and Indians
and seminoles and chiefs and braves
I'd like to see a tribe called the white guys
get their ass kicked on opening day

Wounded kneee was called a battle
even though one side was unarmed
what do we getif we lie about it
no one can say how we'll be harmed


America the beautiful, Oh Canada glorious and free
unless you are a native of them
and then you'd better find someplace else to be

Posted Monday, May 18th 2009


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