Fred Gillen Jr.


Five Margaritas In

Saturday night I went down to the Crown
Same as I always do
not much had changed since last Saturday
but there was one thing new

she was one stool over
too cute to miss
she was three margaritas in

watching the game- Oilers and Flames
She wore a Calgary Tee
Oilers were up, praying for luck
she was a fan just like me

one for the Oilers, none for the Flames
she was four margaritas in

Talking some stats over pints of Labatt's
she said she needed a ride
outside the bar, into my car
she threw up over the side

found her address somewhere in that mess
carried her up to her door
just like the Flames, back in that game
tonight I just wouldn't score

in for the night, out like a light
she was five margaritas in

Posted Wednesday, January 30th 2019


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