Fred Gillen Jr.


Creepy Rodeo

As I was riding into town one dark and stormy night
the dashboard on my Pacer flashed it's "empty" light
I pulled into a truck stop and she was standing there
covered in tattoos, pierced tongue and jet black hair

I asked her for directions as I was pumping gas
she said you won't get far tonight. they've closed off the bypass
I followed her down back roads to the dark side of the town
we pulled into a warehouse with cars parked all around

everything seemed normal but how was I to know
she was just about to take me to the creepy rodeo

she said "Cowboy up my friend, get ready for a ride.
I've got my Mother Hubbard loop, I'll lasso you inside.
I'm fixing for high riding, these people want a show.
They've all paid good money for my creepy rodeo."

nothing here was normal, this was not my kind of show
she was making me the co-star of her creepy rodeo

once we were inside and the show, it had begun
the audience was seated and I was set to run
my Arizona Nightingale was parked out in the night
I tried my best to reach her but I couldn't flag my kite

all the doors were bolted and all the windows closed
I never would escape from the creepy rodeo
back home folks are waiting but they will never know
I'm on permanent exhibit in the creepy rodeo

Posted Sunday, October 6th 2019


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