Fred Gillen Jr.


Girl Of Every Boy's Dreams

when you were young you were full of bluster
vinegar and piss were your first and last names
you used to be as beautiful as James Dean
and as innocent as Norma Jean
you had all of the stars rolled up in your jeans
you wore big, black boots and you walked like a queen
you were the girl of every boy's dreams

as time wore you down you lost some of your shine
like a rusty, old engine well past it's prime
but I remember how they stared when you walked into the room
and you drove them crazy with that French perfume
but now you're so sad and your eyes don't entice
what was it that caused them to lose their shine?
you were the girl of every boy's dreams

now you sit in a box with your hand on the phone
wondering how you wound up here all alone
thinking about the seeds that never were sown
and thinking about the days when you were the girl of every boy's dreams

you live above the bar with a cat named Joe
you drink a lot of Bud and you do a lot of blow
and your old photo albums are covered with dust
and your '79 Firebird is covered in rust
but I can still see it sometimes when you smile
I see a reflection through all of the miles
you're still the girl of every boy's dreams

Posted Thursday, February 17th 2011


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