Fred Gillen Jr.


Don't Give Up The Ghost

sometimes I walk around this town
ghosts follow me without a sound
I close my eyes and start to pray
that I can somehow get away

other times I walk around
this town is some new love I've found
the streets just seem to sparkle
in the glow of adoration

Chorus: Don't give up the ghost
hold on you're getting close
to some kind of answers
or at least some questions finally worth asking

late at night when I can't rest
a mockingbird sings me a test
a catalog of my mistakes
rolls through my head with each song he makes

when I'm lost
overcome by memories and questions
when I've reached as far as I can reach
but I can't catch the dreams that I've been dreaming
there's always someone beautiful enough
to light the darkness long enough
to show me home is in my crowded heart

2010 Fred Gillen Jr./ Fuel For The Revolution Music (B.M.I.)

Posted Thursday, February 25th 2010


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