Fred Gillen Jr.


Devil's Last Word

I'm standing on the tracks again
staring at the light
watching it grow bigger
beautiful and bright
I stand until the rumble
of the train becomes a roar
looking for a glimpse of death tonight

Chorus: I don't want to get hit
I don't want to die
but I'm staying on these tracks
until I hear the devil's last word

I go down there every day
I'm drawn there constantly
sometimes I put a penny on the tracks
to see what the train will leave
and sometimes I lay on the tracks and dream


everybody wants to do right and I'm not exception
but the fast-approaching light is so fascinating
the railroad men have warned me not to hang out there
but I know that I'll go down there again tonight


2010 Fred Gillen Jr./ Fuel For The Revolution Music (B.M.I.)

Posted Thursday, February 25th 2010


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