Fred Gillen Jr.


Fuck You Goodbye

If you're gonna jump, go ahead and do it
but don't expect me to clean up the mess
I'm tired of waiting on this bridge
but I will miss you a little I confess
I'll miss the way you lie, I'll miss when you cry
and I'll miss the view up your dress

Maybe it sounds cruel
but there comes a time when you have to consider yourself first
a time to deliver yourself from every evil
a time to reconsider and turn away from temptation

so I take back the confessions that I made in the assurance that you gave
all would be cancelled
because now what was concealed is finally revealed
and I've got nothing left to lose

and so I leave you there to jump if you choose
but don't expect me to lose any sleep if you do
because I'm through
with you
fuck you

Posted Saturday, February 13th 2010


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