Fred Gillen Jr.


Ballad Of A Man Who Married Badly

I married into royalty or so it would seem
but the money ran out pretty quick
so I had to find some way to keep this woman happy
I had to go do it- and quick
so I went to a liquor store armed with a knife
and told them to empty their drawer
the man behind the counter pulled out a gun
I escaped with my life, but not from the law

they took me to the court room, I stood before the judge
he asked me why I'd done this particular crime
I said I was poor and I needed money
and no one was hiring in town at this time
then I looked at my wife, she was sitting behind me
she was holding something, I couldn't tell what it was in that light
as they dragged me to the gallows, I got a better look
she was holding an insurance policy on my life

as they placed the rope around me, I'll admit I was scared
the square was so crowded, everyone was there
just before I died I looked up one last time
to see the judge and my wife leaving there hand in hand

Posted Saturday, February 13th 2010


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