Fred Gillen Jr.


Larger Than Life

I fell in love with Faye Dunaway
or maybe with the part she was playing
so I rented every film she'd ever made
and memorized each line she'd been saying
something shined right through
every line rang true
she was larger than life on the screen
like she was playing more than just a scene

Harrison Ford, Harrison Ford
just the name alone evokes an image
of confidence and wit, charisma and charm
with a laser or whip under his arm
but walking alone on the street
he looks as confused as you or me
he seems larger than life on the screen
and more charming than I could ever be

Oh Norma Jean how I longed for your touch
just a handshake or a kiss on the cheek
though you died long before my birth
you seemed so far above this earth
but you took your own life and your star fell
it fizzled for a moment then was gone
you seemed larger than life on the screen
but inside you were screaming
larger than life

Posted Saturday, February 13th 2010


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