Fred Gillen Jr.


Lean Into Me

Lean Into Me
I won't hurt you
put down that suitcase
you've got everything you need
pull up a chair
I'll start a fire
lean into me

lean into me
I know you want to
you've been hiding a long time
now its time to come out
take off that coat
its warm in here
lean into me
lean into me

sometimes the only things you can remember
are the ones you want to forget
sometimes the sun's going to shine
but sometimes you're gonna get wet

the world keeps turning
its got its own plan
the road is curvy
but the wheel feels good in your hands
if you think you're going off the road
just keep on going
lean into me
lean into me

Posted Thursday, May 24th 2012


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==>05/24/2012    Lean Into Me

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