Fred Gillen Jr.


Arrow To A Heart

I'm powerless to forces that move me
I can't tell you why, I just am
my resistance brittle as paper
light a match in the room and I'll burn
I fly to the fire like an arrow to a heart
I burn so fast you see a flash and then dark
I've carried this weight for eternity
I carry it like Jesus
fashion your crown of thorns for me
I wear it with absolute certainty
I come when you call, like an arrow to a heart
I barely even feel your penetrating dart

I'm cooking the works of my own tragedy
I'm working at making it complete
destiny calls and I answer in greed
destiny calls and I'm ready
I come when it calls like an arrow to a heart
I burn so fast you don't even feel a spark
I have so much but all I do is want
I'm a slave to the forces moving me

Posted Wednesday, August 25th 2010


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