Fred Gillen Jr.



I just want to talk to myself at the supermarket
Iím surrounded by people on their cell phones anyway
I just want to have a conversation with a child sometimes
without parents acting like I must be a pervert
I guess theyíd be offended if they knew
That most of the time I find their children more
interesting to talk to

You didnít think anyone noticed that you were crying
Until I reached out and gently took your hand
I donít need you to tell me whatís wrong
Ijust canít stand here and do nothing while you cry all alone
surrounded by sleepwalkers shouting at cell phones
I demand the right to be myself
Iím not hurting you so either love me or leave me alone

I saw the lines in your face melt away as you smiled
And I knew that somehow you would be o.k.
I held your hand for just a second more
Before I whispered ďhang in thereĒ and slowly walked away
and I felt like John the Baptist
like I did my best but my best was nothing
but sometimes it takes next to nothing to
help someone on their way

I just want to talk to children at the supermarket
Without their mothers grabbing them and dragging them away
I donít have any children of my own
and I need some kid perspective
every now and again to help me through my day
every now and again to help me through my day
and besides they need to talk to grownups sometimes anyway

Posted Wednesday, October 13th 2004


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