Fred Gillen Jr.


Me & Cinderella

I arrived late for the feast
I got lost along the way
there's no silverware at the table
they're making us use chopsticks today
I took off my hat before I took my place
but I reallized everyone was staring
like I was from outer space
I felt around with my tongue
to see if there was anything in my teeth
and then I looked down at my fingernails
and reallized there was dirt underneath
so I asked if there was a restroom
where I could wash my hands
they said there was a ladies room
but no place for a man
but I shuffled off to find it
thinking no one would know
when I got there it was locked
so I knocked and someone said hello
and out came Cinderella
and she asked if the coast was clear
she said she'd gotten stared from the table
and that she had to get out of there
so I followed her into the alley
and I got with her into her car
and she's been driving ever since
with me navigating by the stars
and if we lose our way sometimes
we never ask for help
we just keep on going, driving on
depending only on ourselves
'cause no one else can speak our language
and they all seem to be mumbling
and the conversation becomes a parody of one
all hand gestures and fumbling
But me and Cinderella, we've got it all worked out
we fit like baseball and green, green grass
Just like June Carter and Johnny Cash

Posted Thursday, June 6th 2002

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